Thursday, January 7, 2010

Fujitsu AMILO Pro V3405 Laptop PC

The Fujitsu AMILO Pro V3405 Laptop PC Fujitsu Stylistic st6012 Battery is power-driven by 1.86 GHz Intel Celeron Cpu M440 with 1-MB L2 Cache, 533 MHz FSB featuring Intel 945GM Express Chipset motherboard, 2-GB DDR2 533 MHz SDRAM, 120-GB 5400 rpm Serial-ATA hard disk drive and 8X Super Multi DVD Dual Layer (8.5 GB) DVD Writer.

The Fujitsu AMILO Pro V3405 Laptop PC Fujitsu Loox t93c/W Battery features 14.1-inch (35.8 cm) Superfine WXGA Widescreen TFT Display powered Intel Graphics Media Accelator GMA 950 with up to 128 MB shared memory supporting Direct X9, Pixelshader 2.0, and DualView monitor that offering upto 1280 x 800 pixels screen resolution in 16 million colours.

Preloaded with Windows Vista Home Premium Edition Fujitsu AMILO Pro V3405 Laptop PC comes with embedded WiFi 802.11a/b/g wireless connection, integrated Bluetooth v2.0 wireless connection, integrated 10/100/1000 Realtek RTL8100CL Ethernet LAN connection, and standard 56kbps V.92 fax/modem card for connectivity.

The Fujitsu AMILO Pro V3405 Laptop PC Fujitsu Lifebook t4020d Battery also offers integrated 4-in-1 Media Card Reader supporting Multimedia Card (MMC), Memory stick (MS), Secure Digital Card, and MS-PRO media cards. Photo or video files can be got at via a compounding of these supported media cards.

The Fujitsu AMILO Pro V3405 Laptop PC comes with many essential software on a CDROM which includes : Microsoft Works 8.5, Nero Burner for Windows XP, Power Director, PowerDVD, Media Show Player, and full set of device drivers.

For enhanced security Fujitsu AMILO Pro V3405 Laptop Fujitsu Lifebook s6311 Battery also offers Pre-OS boot authentication, a BIOS booting user password protection, the HDD user password protection and security lock, a standard Kensington lock hole and option for System or User level system access and option for disabling USB Port. In addition Fujitsu AMILO Pro V3405 also offers a hard disc lock adeptness, and anti-theft lock slot. Despite its slim form factor body shape.

The Fujitsu AMILO Pro V3405 laptop includes a drive bay, Fujitsu Lifebook s2000 Battery offering the option of either a Dual Layer DVD writer besides DVD/CD-RW Combo drive.

Weighing 2.4 Kgs with battery pack, the Fujitsu AMILO Pro V3405 Laptop PC Fujitsu Lifebook p1030 Battery comes with integrated Altec Lansing Stereo Speakers (1.5W each) offering Realtek ALC655 audio controller with built-in AC 97 stero Sound with 3D Sound effect. In addition, the Leaptop offers 3 USB v2.0 compliant 4-pin connectors, ExpressCard 54mm port, S-Video TV-out port and IEEE 1394 (FireWire) integrated port.

Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium preinstalled Fujitsu AMILO Pro V3405 Laptop is equipped with Li-Ion 6-cell 4400mA Standard Fujitsu Lifebook e4010d Series Battery which can deliver upto 2.45 hrs backup. The Laptop also offers Full feature ACPI power management supporting Stand-by, Suspend to Disk, and Suspend to RAM options as power conserving measures.

I/O Ports

  • 4 x USB v2.0 compliant 4-pin connectors
  • ExpressCard 54mm
  • IEEE 1394 (FireWire) integrated port
  • VGA port for external monitor, 15 pin HD D-Sub (HD-15)
  • RJ-45, Ethernet
  • RJ-11, fax/modem
  • Microphone-input, mini-phone stereo 3.5 mm jack
  • Headphone-out, mini-phone stereo 3.5 mm jack
  • S-Video TV-out, 4 pin mini-DIN, NTSC, PAL TV System
  • PCMCIA Card Slot
  • Serial Port
  • Parellel Port
  • Docking connector for Port Replicator
Fujitsu Fujitsu fmvnbp132 battery AMILO Pro V3405 Laptop Specifications:
  • Intel Celeron Processor M440, 1.86 GHz
  • 1-MB L2 Cache, 533 MHz FSB Chipset Mainboard
  • Intel 945GM Express Chipset Motherboard
  • 2-GB DDR2 533 MHz SDRAM (4-GB Max)
  • 120-GB Serial-ATA 5400 rpm Hard Disk Drive
  • 8X Super Multi DVD Dual Layer (8.5 GB) DVD Writer

Display & Graphic

  • 14.1-inch (35.8 cm) Widescreen WXGA SuperFine TFT Display
  • Intel Graphic Media Accelerator GMA 950 Graphics Chipset with 64-MB shared memory
  • 1280 x 800 pixels screen resolution

Network & Communication

  • Intel PRO/Wireless 3945 802.11a/b/g Wi-Fi LAN connection
  • Integrated 10/100 Fast Ethernet LAN
  • 56Kbps V.92 Data/Fax Modem (Connexant)
  • Integrated Bluetooth v2.0 Wireless Connection

Other Features

  • Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium
  • ExpressCard/54 Slot
  • AC ‘97, Built-in High Definition 2 Channel Audio, 2W Woofer and 2 Built-in Stereo RealTek ALC862 Speakers
  • Type II x 1 PCMCIA slot
  • 4-in-1 Media Card Reader, Supports SD, MMC, SmartMedia, XD and MemorySticks media cards
  • 6-cell Lithium ion, 4400 mAh, 3 hrs backup Fujitsu Lifebook b2547 Battery
  • Dimensions: W x D x H – 295 x 238.5 x 34 mm
  • Weight: 2.4 Kgs without battery pack

Price and Availability

Intel Celeron M Processor M440 powered Fujitsu AMILO Pro V3405 Laptop and Fujitsu Amilo Pro v2010 Battery laptop with 14.1" widescreen WXGA display is available for the price of Rs. 49,599 with a three year international travel warranty. Visit for more details.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Toshiba T135 notebook Review

Ultra-Low Voltage notebook computers are coming out up everywhere. They're thin, light, inexpensive, and getting stronger by the day. Does the powerful range of processor options, high RAM capacity, Toshiba pa3288u-1bas Battery and sleek design of the Toshiba T135 help it stand out from the rest? Read on and we'll answer those questions for you.
Looking and Feel
At first glance, the ‘Nova Red Fusion Finish’ is pleasing to the eye. The Toshiba pa3331u-1brs Battery T135 is also shaped well, and is lightweight. On a show-room floor, this would certainly stand out, and in the ULV category, this can be important as performance isn’t expected to vary too much from one make to the next. There was next to no keyboard flex observed during usage, which seems a bit surprising considered how thin the T135 is. The high gloss cover for the lid isn’t as difficult to keep clean with the deep color. The largest disappointment would probably be the single mouse key for the track pad. Given, it’s wide enough to easily distinguish left from fight clicking, but it still doesn’t seem like a feature that helps the design.
The T135 also lacks secondary touch pad options, reserving any brightness, volume, and peripheral control through function keys. While this may not be a design flaw, there is some extra space above the keyboard that could've filled that function.
With a good processor and ample RAM for a notebook of its class, the Toshiba pa3382u-1bas Battery T135 can perform very well for the price tag. When used for word processing and browsing with its robust Wi-Fi setup, the mobility offered with its size and weight prove to be excellent factors when considering its bargain potential. Nevertheless, lacking an optical drive is certainly a weakness that can’t be neglected. Other notebooks in this class have DVD drives, and while the main medium used will probably be digital, it doesn’t hurt to have a simple DVD writer.
The vibration detector for the hard drive, Toshiba pa3479u-1brs Battery while useful, activates frequently. Simply repositioning the notebook has a very good chance of setting off the warning window, and even an accidental kick on the table the notebook is sitting on could set it off. This seems excessive, but simply turning it off defeats the purpose. The audio is also disturbingly low in volume. The Toshiba pa3733u-1brs Battery quality of something as sound may not be the most important feature of a notebook, but you shouldn't have to strain your ears while browsing and watching video. Were the volume not so dismally low for the entire system, it wouldn’t worth observing.
Possessing the power that the system does, the T135 Toshiba pa3284u-1brs Battery is a good value if you're in the market for a light, mobile platform for word processing, e-mail, and browsing. The wireless parts are far reaching and strong, and the notebook’s design is slim with a long electric battery life. Lacking an optical drive is a dashing hopes, and the low output speakers diminishes some of the T135’s uses. The exterior design is pleasing, and with Windows 7 64-bit as the stock OS, the entire laptop is built for looks, it seems. As one of their first entries into the smaller ULV category, Toshiba delivers a mostly qualified choice at an affordable price.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Fujitsu launches M1010 netbook

Fujitsu PC Asia Pacific has officially announced the first installment in its new M Series line-up, the Fujitsu M1010 netbook. Weighing in at 1kg (2.2lbs) with an 8.9-inch widescreen display, the M1010 has a touchpad and mouse button layout designed for use with one hand and features integrated wireless LAN, a PC Express card, 3G USB dongle support, 4-in-1 SD card reader and built-in 1.3 Mega Pixel web camera.

Under the bonnet, the M1010 is powered by an Intel® AtomTM processor N270 (1.6GHz, 512 L2 Cache, 533MHz) and has a 60GB Hard Disk and 1GB RAM (DDR2, 533MHz).

For the techno-fashion conscious, the netbook also includes removable color lids in shades of red, pink, bronze, blue and black.

Exact availability and pricing details for the Fujitsu M1010 is yet to be announced.

In brief:

  • Intel AtomTM processor N270
  • 60gb hard disk
  • 1gb RAM
  • 8.9-inch widescreen display
  • 1024 by 600 pixels resolution
  • 1.3 Mega Pixel web camera
  • ThinkFree software included
  • Removable color lids
  • RoHS compliant
  • 6 cells fujitsu m1010 battery(14.4V&2600mAh(37WH))

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fujitsu Esprimo Q1500 miniPC equipped with Blu-ray drive

Japan's Fujitsu's IFA exhibition in Germany recently launched the new Esprimo Q series miniPC products. The family in the top-level model Q1500 with Intel Core 2 T9600 processor, clocked at 2.8GHz, and is equipped with 320GB Western Digital hard drive, 4GB DDR2 memory. In addition, built-in Blu-ray drive and HDMI interfaces. Most notably, this model is only 50 mm in height, and in standby mode, the whole power consumption of only 19W.
The remaining specifications include built-in Intel GMA4500HD set, which has Gigabit Ethernet chips and much more. Not only that, the aircraft can also be matching 802.11b/g/n wireless LAN or Bluetooth cards.
Portion of the price, Fujitsu Laptop Battery, and at the IFA trade show models did not disclose the price of Q1500 battery, Q1500 Laptop battery, said only the following grade Esprimo Q series starting miniPC will be 1000 U.S. dollars.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The appearance of IBM T400s and X300 Comparison

If we say that the most ThinkPad models of a thin, many people can answer is the ThinkPad X series models; indeed this is the case, the acquisition of Lenovo's ThinkPad brand in the entire product line will be followed by a rich, and after the introduction of the Montevina platform the beginning, ThinkPad across the board to adopt a new product named the principle of letters of the alphabet used to be the number one yards with two yards, for example, T61, X61 Battery In this way, and the introduction of new models while it continued to work on several major series of letters of the alphabet at the beginning, but increased to three-digit figures, such as the X200, T400. Special is the first figure represents the screen size is, for example, 2 corresponds to 12.1-inch, 3 corresponding to 13.3-inch, 4 on the 14.1-inch counterparts, and so on. After the figures are for 2 yards to the generation section to identify with. At the end of the last one to "S" at the end of the case said this is a thin model or models enhanced, such as THINKPAD T21 BAttery, W700s this.
Now, thin and light category very popular electronic products, with the Internet version of the popular, one can see the notebook market is a light wind blowing. Because the products as notebook computers and is closely related to the products of our lives have been like mobile phones, cars, like changing our lives, so more light on how it has become a lot of attention to the direction manufacturers. And "thin" has become a current notebook market, the key word; whenever the introduction of a thin and light notebook is always time to be relaxed enough to attract the eye.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

HP DV3 Notebook Review

Hewlett-Packard dv3 has a beautiful appearance, such as a magnificent yacht, so that we could not resist the impulse to grasp. HP's unique Imprint Imprint Printing technology, the arts, to give it the elegant appearance of the full. Flashes of inspiration, whether black or silver white yarn Dancer, Smart elegant show to highlight the extraordinary character and temperament. Its unique anti-corrosion wear resistance of the fuselage made of durable dressed, the good old.

Not only the appearance of China and the United States, dv3 13.3-inch tall golden ratio, a better than 14-inch thin portable Hp F2024B, but at the same time retain the same superior performance in order to optimize the size and weight, so that you can take it to the enjoy a leisurely summer beach music. 16:9 high-definition LED screen protection boundless panorama to show the proportion of the best high-definition visual experience bring comfort not only to avoid a result of the traditional 16:10 ugly black and more environmental protection and energy saving, HP PAVILION DV6000 SERIES Battery. And unique LED light-emitting technologies, energy-efficient than ordinary LCD around 40 percent, but more bright vivid colors with a colorful summer dv3 to appreciate the large, sweeping to reach the screen.

Hewlett-Packard dv3 once set foot on the charm of unlimited sailing ship, our Hp f2019a will be a comprehensive display of passion. Exceptional application of its entertainment features, shock of all of our senses. dv3 mainstream use of high-end Intel Core 2 Duo processor and the latest generation of NVIDIA GeForce 105M 512M graphics card, in the interpretation of high-definition movies and video games, whether static or dynamic images, are now completed defibrase cents, lifelike, Let the person as Habitat.

Audio blue and otter, high number of first-class entertainment photographic camera configuration, but also all aspects of our sensory pleasure, so that waves colorful sailing trip. hp omnibook xt6200 battery MediaSmart entertainment platform that can carry out a variety of convenient one-touch entertainment operations, in the Mini with a remote control, whether large watch, listening to music or browse photos, light point fingers, you can easily achieve. Muvee HP's unique software allows users to the need for a complex and professional editors, they can produce their own movies and slide shows without numerous professional operation, only the joy of self-creation. And integrated high-sensitive camera,HP F4809A, omni-directional digital microphone, while video call, video chat applications, such as popular a clean sweep.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

HP EliteBook 6930p Laptop

As the 3G era, a new era of mobile commerce for all of us before the show now - the wireless network coverage will be more comprehensive, wireless data transmission will be more rapid, and wireless-based business applications will become more abundant, these notebook products will provide greater space for development. Mobile computing products as the best representatives of notebook HP HSTNN-IB31 that will help business elite even more rapid, and convenient to carry out business process, to experience the charm of the era of mobile commerce.
However, notebook computers let bad business elite endurance capacity of the mobile commerce greatly reduced, leading to their true desire to be mobile commerce hanging clouds - the majority of laptop battery life will be in 3,4 hours, and then can only be long until about 7-8 hours, which is almost 24 hours a day working in the business elite is far from enough, many times, they had to stop their work, simply because the notebook battery life a serious shortage of capacity.
They are often the face of such helplessness and embarrassment: always nervous at the airport to the memorandum written more in order to charge the Hp Pavilion n6100 Series Battery before the completion of all work; always at every meeting of the enterprise, and his colleagues must fight get a limited number of electrical outlets; in Starbucks, the crazy looking at the other outlet to occupy the elite, I do not know is the scramble to join the ranks of power outlet or carry forward the grace to give up Jack, but no electricity will soon have to face the notebook trance; in customer sales proposal before the demonstration, on the best part of the upcoming show, the notebook because of no electricity and very annoyed ... ...
It can be said that at present most of the notebook product is not for the era of mobile commerce and prepare battery life is poor ability to lead the business elite in the use of notebook hard time, they can not use all-weather notebook mobile office and commercial business can not quickly understand the relevant business information, more timely information for business, according to the latest deal - in the current information age, almost the speed of these elites was a key factor in winning business, the capacity of Hp Pavilion zv5000 battery life short board to enable them to compete in and the peer can not be one step ahead to take the lead in customer recognition, it can be said that they have not been touched on the real era of mobile commerce.
It also makes business elite notebook battery life of the ability to issue the most urgent call of life they expect to increase capacity so that business applications notebook everywhere and at all times to make it easier, more convenient, more freedom to carry out business applications experience, truly open era of mobile commerce.
Leadership-based manufacturers have such a capacity, they are always ancestors step from sharp changes in market demand was found to change the user, the real from the user point of view, combined with innovative technology to provide products that meet customer needs. For notebook users demand for high-endurance, many companies take a different means to achieve, such as the use of lower-power processors, improving performance per watt to reduce the processor power to achieve energy-saving; or to use SSD drives, the use of abandon the past practice of mechanical hard drive to save electricity; the company also provides a multi-core battery, try to provide more electricity supply to the excellent performance of battery life ... ... the positive efforts of manufacturers also play some effect, but its endurance capacity is still maintained at about 10 hours to enable the business user satisfaction. In their view, there is no Hp dp390a battery life of notebook products with strong capabilities, the so-called mobile commerce experience more like a real mobile commerce from the distance they always have.
The emergence of HP EliteBook 6930p business elite closer with the real distance between the mobile business - a combination of this innovative technology, Hewlett-Packard notebook computers up to 24 hours to achieve the ultra-long range capability, so that business users really feel the most mobile business of fun.
In order to achieve this capacity, Hewlett-Packard introduced the first 12-cell battery, which on behalf of multi-core design of the lithium batteries have more power batteries, which means that the battery will have a greater capacity. Hp PAVILION ZE4100 Battey is also the first use of 12-cell battery manufacturers, she embodies the real needs of business users keen understanding and respect; Secondly, HP EliteBook 6930p using the industry-leading LED backlit LCD screen. This screen will not only than that of ordinary liquid crystal display better results, but also more energy-efficient, higher service life of up to more than 100,000 hours; third, HP EliteBook 6930p using the SSD hard drive technology, energy-efficient than the regular hard drive about 7%. In addition, this product also introduces the latest Intel graphics driver has been HP BIOS, a more subtle level, from software to achieve savings in battery power.
It can be said that, HP EliteBook 6930p emergence of truly "mobile commerce" has become possible. HP EliteBook 6930p boot exclusive 24-hour support and without charging the high capacity battery, a truly all-weather use, while Hewlett-Packard exclusive global innovation and technology, to control power consumption in battery and advanced energy-saving body of the play to extreme, these are all in the embodiment of the HP from the user's needs, with a wealth of innovative features users demand the best fit of the product design concept.
At the same time, the business elite, the 24-hour life for the HP EliteBook 6930p business elite more relaxed, more convenient and experience the freedom of business applications, and its ability to weather life mobile commerce bring a qualitative leap, so the real point bright era of mobile commerce.